3 SS Fashion Trends 2018


Rubber and plastic designs have stepped into the scene with brands like Puma (Fenty by Rihanna) , Calvin Klein, Balenciaga transforming the rubber and plastic landscape with rock-on designs.


Since the release of Black Panther, Basotho blankets have gained much recognition and it could hopefully direct more attention to local artists such as Laduma Nxgokolo who’s MaXhosa designs have already been praised by American star Beyonce and has also been featured in a campaign by Magnum ice cream ‘#MaXhosaEvolution’.


Fanny Packs have been on the scene for a while and it seems as if they’ll be here to stay. Dating back to the 60s, Fanny Packs (Bum bags by British) were originally used by European outdoors men (more specifically, skiers)  to carry emergency aid and fast forwarding to the future, Fanny Packs can be seen on Fashion Week worn by models and spectators to the streets of Braamforntain.

Sources: https://www.elle.com/fashion/trend-reports/g12205305/spring-fashion-trends-2018/


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