Nandos Keep Ads Coming – Fire Shots At Absa

Nandos is at it again.

The casual dining establishment that serves chicken and Mozambican-related cuisine has just released its new advert. Nandos are favored for their spicy chicken and humorous ads that revolve around current affairs. Today the brand shared their new advertisement. “Is this how we sell things now? There’s more than one flavor” #MoreSAFlavour

In the rest of the advert, Nandos fires shots at Absa for their Africanacity campaign, which is a celebration of African tenacity and ingenuity. The campaign was allegedly outsourced to an American company and this was not received well by public.

In the advert “Is this how we sell things now?Nandos communicates the overuse of neon lights, hashtags, smoke bombs, dramatic scenes and all things related.

The advert was conducted by Cannes Gold Lion winner, Tebogo Malope, who has received lots of praise for his work.

Watch advert below:


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