Kanye Sends ‘Good Energy’ And ‘Love’ To Drake – Attempts To Squash Beef

The kitchen ‘getting hot with all this beef happening.

Kanye West seems to be ready to squash the beef between him and Drake after sending out a series of tweets directed to the In My Feelings rapper.

The beef between the two began when Kanye allegedly hijacked Drake’s release date for the Scorpion album which he had announced days before, the beef then escalated to a point where Drake released Dubby Freestyle in response to Pusha’s Infrared, who was working with Kanye at the time, Drake and Pusha also have a lingering history of back-to-back shots. Pusha then responded to Drake’s Dubby Freestyle with The Story of Adidon, where he revealed that Drake had a son with a former pornstar, Sophie Brussaux, that he was ‘hiding’ from the world. Drake confirmed the rumors to be true on his track Emotionless in the Scorpion album.

Kanye was then accused of leaking the news about Drake’s son in order to stimulate the Pusha-Drake beef, but denied that he had anything to do with the issue.

“No I didn’t (say anything). Don’t pull me into this conversation. I’m ‘Ye. I honestly don’t care that much, in all honesty… I don’t play like that, I don’t play in that place.” Yeezy said to a Chicago radio station on August 28.

But it didn’t end there.

In a recent snippet of his upcoming song with French Montana, Drake goes at Kanye with a line that is supposedly aimed at Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian-West.

“I told her not to wear no 350’s around me” Drake says in the beginning.

Kim also faced rumors recently that she slept with Drake, but quickly denied them saying they were not true.

This led Kanye to go all out on Twitter, saying that he was “sending love” to Drake and his family and that he would be attending Drake’s concert in the upcoming days to show love and get inspired, but Drizzy has not yet responded to Kanye, leaving fans wondering the state of mind the Canadian rapper is in.

In his attempt clear the air between him and Drake, Kanye started tweeting (in order)









Will Drake still drop the full song after hearing what Kanye had to say? Hip Hop DLX can not wait to find out.

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