Interview With: Monde Loko “Daddy Wavy” – Illustrator,Photographer And Upcoming Journalist.

IMG-20180904-WA0063Monde Loko is a young gentleman born and breed in a small township in the west of Gauteng, Called Kagiso. Despite the environment he grew up in, He still believed in himself and kept working hard to get himself to where he is today.

In his own words, “Wavy Concepts is a visual Company Found by Monde Loko. Its main purpose is to create visuals by any means necessary not only that but also to change people’s mentality and encourage the youth to pursue their dreams no matter where they from.

Wavy Concepts is more of an impulse, it was never planned I found myself taking pictures and started posting them on social media, captioning them “Wavy Concepts” it stuck to me and I went with it. I fell in love with what I’m doing, I must say Wavy Concepts is my firstborn, if Wavy was a real child I would have called her Unam Luyanda Loko.

There is no better way to describe Wavy Concepts but show you how hard we work and always ensure that we put out quality work. The struggles of trying to make people believe in you are hard, as there will always be people who genuinely believe in you while others remain skeptical but that won’t stop me from pushing harder and keeping my head held up high.”

Check out some of his work below:


Click here, to view more of his work.

Wavy Concepts, Bathi its wavy than the 7 seas!

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