Watch: A Reece, Ecco, Wordz “Welcome To My Life” Music Video

Back in June, we saw A Reece, Wordz and Ecco release their Long Lost Letters, L3 album.

Less than two months down the road, the trio has now released the video for their song Welcome To My Life.

The music video is very laid back and calm, it shows the lifestyle that the three artists are living. In the video we can see the gang on the rooftops, puffing kush and enjoying themselves. Half-way into the video, a clip of the team on tour is played and we can hear A-Reece sharing a story about himself and his career.

“I’ve never been on tour before, you know, and people really love my stuff and the fact that, my stuff is only on the Internet, but then they knew every single song…” Reece shares on the clip.

Check out the video below:

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