Nicki Minaj, Cardi B Royal Rumble At New York Fashion Week

The Nicki Minaj and CardiB beef got to its most nasty point at the NYFW event.

The two rappers have had a long beef which initially began in 2017. Nicki and Cardi both kept denying rumors that they were beefing, although, speculations were made regarding Nicki Minaj’s No Flags where she featured Cardi’s husband, Offset of which Cardi B was “subbed”. Cardi B then released her single No Limits where we can hear the lyrics:

“Can you stop with all the subs/Bitch I ain’t Jared” Cardi B then denied that this was directed at Nicki.

The big surprise for fans was probably the Motorsport feature which involved the Migos and the two ladies. But reports say that Nicki had refused to shoot on the same day as the rest of the team. Cardi B also explained on radio that there was a ‘problem’ with Nicki’s verse on Motorsport which resulted in Nicki tweeting the following

In events that occurred at the NYFW, Cardi B had clearly had enough. The rapper was apparently insulted by Nicki for being a bad mother to her and Offset’s new born son, Kulture, (with a K) and many other things which Cardi B mentioned in her Instagram post.

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The Bodak Yellow rapper had tried to approach Nicki at the event to try and clear out the lies that she was telling and was supposedly caught with an elbow to her face. Cardi then attempted to throw a shoe at Nicki and began cussing as seen on the video below:

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