Watch: AKA ft Kiddominant “Fela In Versace” Music Video

Earlier this year, AKA probably released one of the hottest hip hop albums yet. Many songs in the Touch My Blood project such as Me And You, Star Signs and the song which recently has it’s visuals released, Fela In Versace.

Fela In Versace was received well and became a hit amongst the local hip hop community.

The music video starts off with Kiddominant deep in the streets of Johannesburg, where we can see more “infomal” scenes and abandoned areas. In the second half of the video we can see more class as AKA stands on the balcony of a mansion in a signature silk Versace t-shirt, the second half of the video moves to maintain the songs concept “Fela In Versace

Although Fela In Versace was a hit, the same can not be said about the video, according to social media, the Fela In Versace hit was ‘better off without a music video’ while only a handful of fans claimed the video was as good as the song itself.

Watch the video below:

Did Kieran Forbes meet your expectations in the Fela In Versace video? Share your thoughts.

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