EVOLUTION: Andy A and “Falling Apart” Project

Andy’A, born Tshepo Mokena, is a South African Upcoming Musicians Award (SAUMA) winning rapper from Ratatnda, a small town in Gauteng. He prides himself with the affinity of storytelling in all his music as he often raps about issues that many South Africans can relate to from politics to the daily hood struggle. Andy states that his love for rap grew from writing poetry as a younger kid emerging him into the bi-lingual artist that he is today.

Andy launched his latest project Falling Apart with his single Wazin Nge Kasi, which comes out with a ghetto fabulous attitude, one element you can expect in all his music.

Andy’A shares that with his thought provoking lyricism, he intends on telling his people’s story one song at a time, bringing light to the hardships of living in Kasi and what people from all walks of life go through.

As he tells many stories of authenticity, grunge and rawness of hoodlife, he also outlines that this is the everyday reality of our people.

Andy has a versatile approach to music, going from deep lyricism to head banger hits like his 2017 single Blazhay.

Tapping into the album, one can hear the style alternate between underground storytelling and calm lounge flows.

Listen To Andy A’s “Falling Apart” Project on iTunes

DOWNLOAD: Andy’A “Wazin Nge’kasi”


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