Listen: Lupe Fiasco “Drogas Wave” Album

Lupe Fiasco just dropped his latest album Drogas Wave, which is a follow up of his 2017 project, Drogas Light.

Lupe Fiasco’s Drogas Wave was originally scheduled to drop on September 29, but was released a week earlier on the 21st due to an apparent leak of the album.

“I don’t know how the album got out, but it did” said on the matter to Complex.

The double album consists of 24 tracks and consists of various features from the likes of reggae star Damien Marly, Simon Sayz, Niki Jean and more.

“It’s about a group of slaves on a slave ship on their way to Africa to the West Indies and they are thrown off the boat. But they didn’t die. They stayed alive and they lived under the sea. And they dedicated their lives to sinking slave ships – so they became this super, underwater force against slavery. It’s like a super-deep story that I am building on different fronts. But that’s the main idea and the source material for the album. ” Lupe Fiasco said, speaking on the concept of the album.

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As ships from the West Africa Preventative Squadron worked on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean hunting down & capturing slave vessels the LongChains were busy underneath the waves. Tracking and attacking slave ships in surprise and efficient assaults from below. It is rumored that the legendary success had by the HMS Black Joke, a captured ex-slaveship itself, in capturing so many slaving vessels during its time in service was due to a secret alliance its many captains had with these LongChains who would sometimes assist in the attacks. At times HMS Preventative Squadron vessels would find slaving clippers just floating out at sea with all of its slave cargo set free but with the crews missing. When asked about what happened via native translators which were common on Preventative Squadron ships, the freed slaves would just reply that “The waves took them”. . . . DROGAS WAVE TONIGHT 🌊 #WAVY #LONGCHAIN

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This is Lupe Fiasco’s seventh album and he has described it as being on ‘another conceptual universe

Lupe’s album can be described as a mixture of the elements fear, power, growth, freedom.

Listen to Drogas Wave below:


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