AKA Closes Down Beam Group Company, Back At Vth Season

South African rap star AKA, Supa Mega, is currently in the process of shutting down his co-owned company with Prince Nyembe.

AKA dropped a series of tweets on Monday sharing with his followers that he is in the process of closing down his media company, Beam Group.

AKA had left his former label and management company, Vth Season, in order to launch the Beam Group. AKA announced that he would no longer be represented by the Beam Group ‘in any capacity’

In recent times, there had been speculation about the the relationship between AKA and his business partner, Prince Nyembe, with reports claiming that there had been some bad energy between to two.

Prince Nyembe then came out and tried to set record straight about the supposed ‘bad blood’ between him and AKA, but with the recent news surfacing, it is evident that the relationship between AKA and Prince Nyembe is a bit.. Off.

AKA has now reportedly returned to his former management Vth Season owned by Raphael Benza.

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