Watch: French Montana “No Stylist” ft Drake

The music video for French Montana’s No Stylist just came out, directed by Christo and Glenn Michael and features cameos from ASAP Rocky, Slick Rick, Luca Sabbat amongst others.

No Stylist was shot in French’s hometown in the Bronx, New York. In the music video we can see French Montana hosting a fashion show, featuring beautiful women catwalking down the runway.

“We went to the Bronx and we shot the video, it has Slick Rick and the old school car with the Louis Vuitton seats and the Gucci seats. We had Cam’ron,” French said about the video “Dapper Dan, when he used to have his boutique, people used to go to him because he knew how to put certain looks together that they couldn’t even do for these big brands. ”

No Stylist, which came out last month, made waves as Drake took shots at Kanye West for his Yeezy 350’s.

Watch French Montana’s No Stylist below

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