Anderson Paak Announces Release Date For Oxnard Album


Anderson Paak’s album is on its way after the artist announced that the album will be out on November 16.

Anderson Paak’s Oxnard will be a follow up from his solo project Malibu and Yes Lawd in which he worked with Knxwledge in 2016.

The Oxnard project will be released under Dr Dre’s Aftermath label as the two have also worked closely on the album.

Dr. Dre started the whole DNA. I remember for show-and-tell, people would bring in in a teddy bear or a favorite toy or some shit, but I was learning “Dre Day” and “Nuthin but a G Thang” and I would go in and rap that, just for show-and-tell. Teachers didn’t understand what was going on. His music was everything to me. It molded me. Hip-hop is the biggest genre now, but it’s always been the biggest genre to me. Working for Dr. Dre, I couldn’t even fathom it. It seemed so out of reach.” said Paak to Rolling Stone when asked about working with Dr Dre.

Paak announced his the release date for his album during an appearance on the Open Late With Rosenberg on Wednesday after Peter Rosenberg asked him about his album, Anderson Paak stood up and announced the release date for the project.

Anderson Paak recently dropped his song Tints which featured Kendrick Lamar this past week. Check out the track and Paak’s appearance on the Open Late With Rosenberg episode below:

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