Drake Talks Pusha T and Kanye West Beef on LeBron James’ ‘The Shop’

@kingjames and @drake on The Shop

Drake just made an appearance on LeBron’s new show The Shop on HBO and the rapper finally broke his silence in the Pusha T and Kanye saga.

In the episode, Drake explains the origin of his beef with Kanye, stating that Kanye West had invited him to Wyoming to work on Lift Yourself. Drake admitted to not knowing that Kanye had an album on the way, he shares that Kanye had told him it would come out around October or November. Drake says that Kanye asked him to be completely transparent with him about his then unrelased project Scorpion.

“I play him ‘March 14,’ I send him a picture of my son, I tell him I’m having trouble with my son’s mother. We had a conversation…I wake up, and all of these dates are out, one by one by one.” Drizzy says

In the interview, Drake also talks about Pusha T’s The Story of Adidon, a diss track that reveled Drake’s ‘hidden’ son. Drake expressed that he wasn’t mad about about the diss but about a line in the track by Pusha aimed at Drake’s producer and friend 40, Drake says that that was going too far.

“Rap purists and people who love confrontation, they love to say, “There’s no rules to this shit!” There are fucking rules to this shit. I’m gonna tell you something, I knew something was gonna come up about my kid. They had to add the deadbeat dad thing to make it more appealing, which is fine. The mom and dad thing… Whatever. You don’t even know my family. But wishing death upon my friend who has MS… I study rap battles for a living. When you mention defenseless people who are sick in the hospital, who have passed away, I just believe that there’s a price you have to pay for that. It’s over! Someone’s gonna fucking punch you in the fucking face. The shit’s done, the event’s over”

Watch a scene from the episode below:


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