Listen: Young Thug “Ran Down On’em”


A new Young Thug track has recently surfaced.

The track Run Down On’em produced by 808 Mafia member, TM88, hears Thugger climb a bouncy beat. The snippet for the song initially came out in 2016 under the title Ain’t Playn Around.

Young Thug has recently teased the next installment to his Barter sequel, the Barter 7. Thugger posted on Instagram a picture from an old photoshoot for the Barter 6, although this has not been confirmed as the official cover.

One other upcoming track that Thugger has announced is a song called Bags which features Lil Uzi Vert, Chi Chi, Dora, Dolly and Hood Rich Pablo Juan. The track will drop October 15.

Listen to Young Thug Run Down On’em below:

Fuck nigga playin’ ’round, young nigga hopped out and went ran down on ’em
Hit right between cars, then I went ran down on ’em

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