Spotify Launches App For WearOS Smartwatches

Spotify has just launched a app for smartwatches that run on WearOS by Google.

The software will be available in the coming weeks and will be available for download on Google Play Store on your phone or on your smartwatch provided that Wear 2.0 or later is operating on your smartwatch.

Users will be able to play, pause, skip, browse recent music or podcasts. The watch with also allow the user to play music through their compatible speakers at home through the Spotify Connect Support. The user will also be able to save their favorite songs to their library. The app however will does not support a offline playlist feature. Spotify has made a statement saying that the software will continue to improve as this is only the first version.

Spotify has also announced that from November it’ll be auto-installing the new standalone app on all of Fossil’s fourth generation WearOS smartwatches, including the Michael Kors Access Runway

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