LISTEN: Tory Lanez vs. Joyner Lucas Battle – Round 2

For the past few days, there’s been some very interesting activity arising in the rap game, involving Tory Lanez and Atlantic Records rapper, Joyner Lucas.

Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas’ beef began when Tory Lanez fired shots at Lucas on Instagram, saying that Joyner Lucas was “nice” but “not on his level”. Joyner Lucas went out and asked Tory for a rap battle which then Tory Lanez accepted by dropping Lucky You and it was on… Joyner Lucas responded to Tory Lanez’s Lucky You freestyle with his own Litty freestyle. But it didn’t end just yet, Tory Lanez wasted no time in responding to LucasLitty freestyle and went rage on his Litty Again freestyle which dropped yesterday (21 Nov) with some very siiick SpongeBob graphics on the cover which could interpret that Tory is knocking out Lucas.

After causing damage throughout the track on Litty Again, Tory mentions that if Lucas were to blow up from their back and forth exchange, that he’d be his cosign.

Litty Again was the beginning of round two between Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas, early Thursday morning, Lucas responded to Tory Lanez’s Litty Again freestyle by dropping his ZEZE freestyle where he continues to call Tory Lanez his baby son. In the ZEZE freestyle, Lucas confiscates Tory’s chains, pen and paper and sends him to bed “at 8pm and not a minute later”

The sound or tone of Joyner Lucas on his ZEZE freestyle, as mentioned by Hotnewhiphop, can be said to be similar to that of Slim Shady, it’s playful but one can also identify the lyrical skill within the verses. Many of those following the battle might find it very entertaining, with many claiming that the score is tied between the rappers and that they could ‘go all day’

Check out the Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas’ battle below


Twitter/Instagram: @hiphopdlx


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