Watch: Logic’s Full Freestyle Fridays Series


Logic has been cooking heat in the studio lately, coming out with some great concepts and continuing to feed fans.

Let’s rewind. At the beginning of November, Logic dropped a new track titled Freestyle Fridays Vol. 1, this was Logic’s first piece of music since releasing YSIV in September.

In the Vol. 1 clip , Logic is standing in the studio ripping lines off his phone while maneuvering around the lab. After Logic’s verse, John comes in with a melodious chorus at the end to close off.

Following Vol. 1 was Vol. 2 of Logic’s Freestyle Fridays. In the clip for Freestyle Fridays Vol. 2, we see Logic spitting bars in front of his car and rolling a joint in his home. A neon sign that reads “Bobby Boy” is hung in the background. The concept behind the second installment was drugs, with Logic’s asking fans “How have hard drugs affected your community” on Twitter.

On the 3rd installment of his Freestyle Fridays series, Logic goes hard on a flute-laden beat with crispy boom-bap type drums

“500 thousand for a one off/ Hit the stage, I rage, and then I run off/ It don’t matter where we at, it’s poppin’ like a gun off/ Bumping N.W.A.on the 101, uh,” Logic raps on the hook.

Vol. 4 of the Freestyle Fridays series released yesterday. The track opens up with a chorus and sees Logic rhymes over a haunting instrumental where he flexes repetitive bars and a consistent flow. This week’s release comes along with a creepy video as well. Logic stands in a dark room with a lit lighter as the video opens. He then creeps around what appears to be an abandoned house holding only a small light.

Watch the complete Freestyle Fridays series Vol. 1 – 4 below:

Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Vol. 3

Vol. 4

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