XXXTencation’s Mother Reveals Name Of His Unborn Child


As we all know, XXXTencation’s girlfriend was carrying his child at the time of his tragic death.

At the early stages of the pregnancy, XXXTencation’s mother, Cleopetra Barnard, uploaded an ultrasound of the baby on Instagram captioned “He left us a final gift”

Yesterday, Cleopetra Barnard announced the name of XXXTencation’s unborn child: Gekyume.

Gekyume, according to the urban dictionary, is a word that was created by XXXTencation himself, the word describes “a different state of being” or “a next universe of thought”

A baby shower, hosted by Mrs. Cleopetra Barnard, was held for baby Gekyume. Amongst those who attended was DJ Scheme, who posted a picture with a caption stating that he will be the best Uncle (figure) to Gekyume.

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