Listen: XXXTencation’s “Skins” Project

XXXTencation’s tragic death left fans around the world in shock. The artist had made his mark in the game and his passing was not taken lightly. But it seems as XXXTencation’s legacy will live on.

Before he passed on, XXXTencation announced that he was working on three projects titled ?, Skins and Bad Vibes Forever.

Making sure that his son’s name is not forgotten, Cleopetra Barnard, XXXTencation’s mother decided that X’s fans deserve to be blessed with new music, hence she spearheaded the release of Skins.

XXXTencation’s posthumous Skins album comes with 10 tracks and sees XXXTencation work with some high profile artists, although Kanye West is the only feature in the Skins project.

Listen to XXXTencation’s Skins project below

@hiphopdlx #HHDLX

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