Listen: G.M.I Venus’ Latest “Fluorescence” EP

Alto Max Records rapper, Thato Modika, better known by his stage name G.M.I Venus, has recently released his latest project titled Fluorescence.

Fluorescence portrays GMI Venus as the shining light in the midst of dark forces. Throughout the album, GMI brings serene vocals, combining them with quality production and rhythmic flows. Fluorescence comes loaded with 13 tracks with GMI Venus handling most of the primary production with assistance from Pharoo, ProVo, Carl Black and more. Some songs on the EP hear GMI break away from digitalised sound on songs like Pressure, introducing a live bass performance for a more natural, warm sound. The idea is continued on Heaven & Vapors and C4 where we can hear clean keyboard solos. This Fluorescence EP is a good piece for lounging – with songs such as Bridges Burn and ONYX, and also hits like New Life and 30 Angeles for a sick vibe.

Fluorescence is a dedication to Thato’s grandmother, Florence Modika. Thato elucidates that the project will be remembered both on earth and in the afterlife.

Listen to GMI Venus’ Fluorescence EP below:

Heaven & Vapors Music Video

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