B3nchmarQ Preview New Music From “ASPEN 2” EP

Back from releasing their debut album We Had Hope, B3nchmarQ are back in the studio for their next project ASPEN 2.

A follow up from the first sequel which dropped back in 2017, ASPEN 2 is a project to look forward to with features from Priddy Ugly, 3Two1 and Jay Claude rumored to come onto the tape as well.

As the release of ASPEN 2 comes nearer, B3nchmarQ members, Pkay and Tjay, have been sharing snippets of some of sounds that they’ve been working on, hyping up hip hop heads nationwide.

The production for the ASPEN 2 EP will be handled by Ice Man Beatz, MashBeatz, Chevy, Cokayn, Tru Hits and Sly. No release date for ASPEN 2 has been disclosed but it has been speculated that the project will release the first quarter of 2019. HIPHOPDLX.COM will keep you updated.

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