Listen: Ari Lennonx Releases Debut Album “Shea Butter Baby”

Dreamville singer, Ari Lennonx, has just released her debut album titled Shea Butter Baby which is also the name of her J Cole assisted single.

Ari Lennonx’s Shea Butter Baby consists of 12 tracks with guest appearances from Cole and J.I.D on Broke. J Cole had also co-produced the single Facetime in Ari Lennonx’s Shea Butter Baby project. Other’s involved in production were, Masego, Elite, Christo and Jaylen Rojas who produced Up Late.

Ari Lennonx described the tune for Shea Butter Baby as ” neo-soul sexy sweet midnight delight” the singer expressed that she had been holding on to alot of the music for some time and she is just happy the world gets to heart it.

J. Cole has shown support for Ari Lennonx since signing the singer to Dreamville in 2015. Since, Ari Lennonx has been making waves and has built a solid name for herself.

Listen to Ari Lennonx’s new Shea Butter Baby album below

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