Watch: Chance The Rapper Teases New Song “Owbum”

Back in 2016, on 13 May, Chance The Rapper released his Coloring Book mixtape. And now approaching the release of his first debut studio album, Chance The Rapper has shared a teaser for (the single) Owbum on the same day.

On Instagram, Chance The Rapper posted a video which features Number9ok, Tisakorean, Walter Bowser, and Chano dancing in turns. The caption on the video post reads “Drop a [fire emoji] in the comments and I’ll drop the song before it get to hot outside #owbum,”. Chance The Rapper has previously made a reference to Owbum in a twitter post on which he tagged Murda Beatz, although it is still unclear whether Owbum is the name of the song or the upcoming album.

Chance The Rapper’s debut studio album will drop in July. Check out the teaser for Owbum below.

@hiphopdlx #HHDLX

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