Listen: Champagne69’s Latest 808 Therapy! EP


Champagene69 have just released a  new 3 track EP titled 808 Therapy! which the duo teased earlier in the week.

Champagne69’s 808 Therapy! is a project that consists of a hard sound one might describe the work as a blend of punk rock and hip hop. With tracks such as GO! to Breathe, Champagne69’s 808 Therapy! EP plays for 5 minutes and the project has received a thumbs up from Champagne69’s supporters.

Champagne69 seems to have more music coming up as the duo has also announced that they will be releasing something new in September meaning 808 Therapy! could just be a slice of what is yet to come

The cover art for Champagne69’s 808 Therapy! features Shala The Unicorn who is a visual artist based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Shala, both a creator and model, appears on the 808 Therapy! cover with a Nelson Mandela note and big lashed eyes .

Listen to Champagne69’s 808 Therapy! EP below

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