Has Fortnite Been Dethroned?

Fortnite may have lost its title as the most popular battle-royale game in the world to a newcomer. Apex Legends, a new, free to download battle-royale game by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, is making waves in the gaming community as the next big thing to play and stream. In its first week, the game … Continue reading Has Fortnite Been Dethroned?

Metroid Prime 4 – Possible Release Date

Arguably one of the biggest and most anticipated games rumoured to hit the Switch this year, Metroid Prime 4’s release dates is something Nintendo has been keeping tightly under wraps. While we still don’t know what the game is about or whether or not it will follow the formula of the previous games it is … Continue reading Metroid Prime 4 – Possible Release Date

Sony To Release The “Playstation Classic” Loaded With 20 Games

Sony's response to Nintendo's NES and SNES Classic devices, the Playstation Classic is launching very soon, expected to release on December 3. The Playstation Classic will have a design similar to the Playstation console (PS 1) which was released in 1994, with a size 45% smaller. This miniature console comes complete with two wired controllers, … Continue reading Sony To Release The “Playstation Classic” Loaded With 20 Games