Listen: PatricKxxLee Drops New Song Titled “37”

After releasing Achoo ft Willy Cardiac, a few days earlier, PatrickxxLee has released another single titled 37. PatrickxxLee's latest 37 song follows a deep and emotional concept and PatrickxxLee believes that the song will mean something different to everyone. PatrickxxLee also shared detail about his single Achoo which features Willy Cardiac. Achoo had managed … Continue reading Listen: PatricKxxLee Drops New Song Titled “37”


Listen: PatricKxxLee “Nowhere Child” Album

PatrickxxLee has finally released his highly anticipated album titled Nowhere Child. Since it's announcement, PatrickxxLee's Nowhere Child had fans craving for some new PatrickxxLee work, unfortunately, the album faced some delay before it could be released. The Johannesburg based rapper also dropped some tracks ahead of the release of Nowhere Child, including Hurts To Feel … Continue reading Listen: PatricKxxLee “Nowhere Child” Album

Listen: PatricKxxLee “Hurts To Feel”

After a slight disappointment from delaying his single titled Hurts To Feel, PatrickxxLee has finally dropped the track. On September 12, PatricKxxLee announced to fans that he wouldn't be releasing his track Hurt To Feel since he felt that he haven't provided enough context for the understanding of the song Hurts To Feel . reading Listen: PatricKxxLee “Hurts To Feel”