Listen: Young Thug’s Leaked “New Bae” Song

Having recently previewed some new music on his Instagram, Young Thug has a new single out titled New Bae The New Bae single which was leaked earlier today, has a snippet (recording) lingering back from 2016, and it is probably one of many unreleased Young Thug songs. Young Thug's last offering, On The Rvn EP … Continue reading Listen: Young Thug’s Leaked “New Bae” Song


Listen: @Tupantsa’s “Liquor Will Do” Single

Dobsonville-based artist, Tupantsa dropped his latest single "Liquor Will Do" last month. Liquor Will Do hears Tupantsa climb on a Edward Blanco beat, and throughout the song, Tupantsa expresses the stress he had to go through, and feels as a little liquor could help reduce all the pain. The song is produced by Pilgrim with … Continue reading Listen: @Tupantsa’s “Liquor Will Do” Single

Listen: The Big Hash “Outcast” ft A-Reece, Flame (prod by @official808x)

A while back we heard A-Reece and Big Hash tease their upcoming single titled Outcast. The highly anticipated collaboration had fans going wild, and today around the midnight hour, A-Reece and the Big Hash gave fans something to bump their heads to. The Outcast single comes with features from The Wrecking Crew members, A-Reece and … Continue reading Listen: The Big Hash “Outcast” ft A-Reece, Flame (prod by @official808x)

Listen: PatricKxxLee “Hurts To Feel”

After a slight disappointment from delaying his single titled Hurts To Feel, PatrickxxLee has finally dropped the track. On September 12, PatricKxxLee announced to fans that he wouldn't be releasing his track Hurt To Feel since he felt that he haven't provided enough context for the understanding of the song Hurts To Feel . reading Listen: PatricKxxLee “Hurts To Feel”